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What an amazing Hanoi Free Walking Tour !!!

Tourists can know more about our culture, history, famous destinations and entertainment activities, our habit and customs in Hanoi by students who are very friendly, genuine and knowledgeable

A unforgettable half day tour with a Dutch girl

Hanoi Free Tours, a non-profit organization, is established to bring tourists and locals together, by taking free tours in Hanoi

A day Hanoi Free Tour with lovely girl

I had a nice Hanoi Free Tour with a lovely girl from Korea. Her name’s Hanna and she is a English teacher for children in Korea.

Rong Market ( Dragon Market ) - Commodity Trading In Ninh Binh

if you would like to stop in a shopping place, you should go to Rong market which is a destination you shouldn’t miss.

The Charming Beauty Of Hoa Lu Acient Capital

Ninh Binh is located in Red River Delta. In 10 th century, it’s a capital of Vietnam, there is 1500 kind of heritages

How to travel around Ninh Binh in One Day

South of Hanoi, Ninh Binh province is blessed with natural beauty, cultural sights. It is a beautiful and famous destination with many tourist attractions

A fantastic walking tour with a super friendly girl

We have student clubs that have free Hanoi Free Tours and we hope that tourists and community will become closer

Top good and cheap restaurants for trying special foods in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is not only famous for its beautiful with many tourist attractions but also for special and delicious foods. High season Ninh Binh is spring.

Reviews top 5 best and cheap hotels in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh has many hotels for travelers to stay but not much of them have good quality and convinent to sleep for sleeping one or more than one nights

My Hanoi Free Walking Tour with A Lovely German Girl

A Hanoi Free Walking Day Tour with A Lovely German Girl It rained heavily and cold today. Everyone just wanted to stay inside their house or office but nothing could stop me to go out and had a half day Hanoi Free Walking Tour today and so did my tourist. I went to my tourist’s hostel at 2:00 pm to pick her up. Her name’s Alina, a lovely tourist ...