Vietnam now attracts more and more foreign tourists from all around the world because of its nature beauty, unique culture and Hanoi delicious cuisine. Especially Vietnam is a cheap country where with only from 1$, you can have an awesome meal!. Otherwise, there are still some bad things about its tourism industry. Let’s find out and try to escape them when you spend your vacation in Vietnam with Vietnam Eco Travel .Two famous American bloggers, Steven and Bill who created the blog : The Hungry Suitcase. Bill said “ Thailand and Vietnam have many similar things about tourism but why after visiting each country, 50% tourists wanna come back Thailand one day, just 5% tourists wanna visit Vietnam again?. In my opinion, Vietnam is worth to visit and the best country in Southeast Asia to explore, beside that there are some uncomfortable experiences here ”. 

1.    No bargain before buying anything

     Some street vendors, sellers in Vietnam don’t have a fix price. It will be flexible with locals and foreign tourists. With foreign tourists, you maybe be overcharged. Vietnamese money is complicated with a lot of zero: Minimum money : 500VND, the maximum money: 500.000 VND so sometimes it’s hard for foreigners to find the right one. You are easy to miss 50.000 VND and 500.000VND. Some sellers know that so they can pay lack of chance or forget to pay you or even take money from you when you open your wallet to check your money. Therefore don’t hesitate to bargain anything before buying it. And spend some times to remember all of Vietnamese money. Eating in local restaurants which show fix prices, etc. If not, don’t waste your time!.


2.    Miss between “15” and “50”

   It normally happens with street vendors. For example, you would like to buy a coconut water or you need clean your shoes, make sure that the price for it is 15.000 VND or 50.000 VND. Because Vietnamese pronoun them similar as each other. Therefore, use your fingers to ask them about the price. You can think that 35.000 VND is just a small money but tourists don’t want to be cheated so it’s one of the reason why they don’t want to come back Vietnam one day.

3.    Having breakfast in your hotel/hostel.

   Many hostels/hotels serve breakfast for free. But you should skip it, Vietnam is a fantastic destination for hanoi street foods which are both cheap and delicious such as pho (rice noodle soup), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), bun cha (grilled pork and rice noodles), etc. So don’t make yourself to try boring free breakfast in your hostel/hotel and make your stomach happily with local foods. I recommend you try different meals because Vietnamese cuisine is rich with hundreds mouth watering dishes. I bet you will be addicted with them.


4.    Problems with driving motorbike

    Traffic accidents are a top reason killing tourists. A lot of tourists had accidents in Vietnam when they chose motorbike is their main transfer to travel around Vietnam. You can fall down some time, even die when you have accident here. Motorbike is dangerous but it really attracts tourists because of its adventure and you can have unique experiences. With many Vietnamese road in Vietnam, scenery are incredible , you can’t see them when you travel by bus or airplane. So before you decide to travel around here by motorbike, make sure that you are good driver or have experiences. If not, you should hire a private experienced driver and don’t forget to bring your tourism insurance. 

5.    Be aware of uncooked foods

   Having a stomach, digestive disorder, etc sometimes happen with some tourists who lack of experience with it. Soups are mainly reason. Therefore, make sure that you eat in restaurants which are crowded, cooked all day and your dish is cooked and hot. You should always bring some pills with you. 

              There are 5 things which you should know and escape from them when you visit Vietnam. Beside that Vietnam still are a beautiful, peaceful and friendly country for you to explore. Don’t hesitate to add Vietnam in your travel lists to have wonderful experiences!.