Ha Noi is a beautiful, peaceful capital and one of a paradise of street food in the world. There are many destinations which you should visit in Hanoi. Tourists are attracted by Hanoi beauty, friendly people and Hanoi cuisine. If it is the first time you visit here, you shouldn’t miss some highlight destinations such as Ho Chi Minh complex, Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi Temple of Literature, Long Bien bridge, etc as well as try Hanoi Street Food in local small restaurant. About the time to travel in Hanoi, it depends on your destination. Hanoi is also a place to take buses to all of provinces in the north of Vietnam.

     Hanoi has more than 9 millions people and as a report in 2017, Hanoi has about 4 millions motorbikes. So in tourist’s  eyes, the traffic in Hanoi is crazy, many motorbike and they always be scared with crossing the street because vehicles won’t stop when you cross the street, but they will drive around you, therefore you seldom have accident here. Exploring Hanoi by Motorbike is a good choice for tourists who never drive motorbike before and want to enjoy the beauty of Hanoi in an interesting way, they should try B
est Hanoi Motorbike Tours. With this tour, you will sit behind a good driver who can speak English well as well as the ambassador to guide you visit tourist attractions, local places which only locals know and also try Vietnamese cuisine in local restaurants. If you are too familiar with travel by car, bus, or other transportations, traveling by motorbike is an awesome adventure for you here. And don’t worry about the safe of this tour because the drivers are be tested before doing this tour, all of them have to have motorbike license and experiences. Moreover motorbikes with high quality, helmet so motorbike tours attract more and more travelers when they visit Hanoi.

     Would you like to join B
est Hanoi Motorbike Tour and have unique experiences?. There are a lot of motorbike tours in Hanoi now so maybe you will get confused with choosing a good one. I will recommend to you top Hanoi motorbike tours and I hope that you can easily make your decision after reading it.
1. Vietnam Eco Travel
Vietnam Eco Travel is one of BEST TRAVEL AGENCY in HANOI and Vietnam. They offer the Hanoi scooter tours and Hanoi motorbike tours. Joining HANOI FOOD TASTING AND SITESEEING MOTORBIKE TOURS, they will take you to discover our fascinating capital, Hanoi: tourist attractions, breathtaking views, or places off the beaten track where you will experience things the average tourists in Hanoi won’t even know about as well as tasting our must – try local dishes in Hanoi.Their tour guides are knowledgeable, friendly, young. Speak English fluently and drive motorbike well.
This company is recommended by many travelers from all around the world in tripadvisor so you can give your trust in it.

2. Paloma motorbike tours
Paloma motorbike tours company is a new company in Hanoi, Vietnam but they develop their business fast and always focus on improve their services. Therefore they now have a good ranking on tripadvisor, contributed by many travelers with excellent reviews. They offer group tours and private tours, include: Hanoi sight seeing motorbike tours, Hanoi night life motorbike tours, Hanoi countryside motorbike tours.

3. Hanoi vespa tours
Hanoi vespa tours company is prestige tour companies in Hanoi, Vietnam. The special thing of this tour is they use Vespa motorbikes to guide tourists around. They have a good team with knowledgeable guides. They offer Hanoi half day city motorbike tours, Hanoi full day motorbike tours with different itineraries.
Overall I surely that your travel list will be missed if you haven’t visited Vietnam. And Having a motorbike tour is a fantastic experience for you to have a  memorial trip in here.
Don’t be hesitate to spend your vacation in Vietnam!