The cabin on board was fantastic - better than some of the hotels we stayed in! A jacuzzi bath (which we didn't use), a heated toilet seat and a large room with double bed. The staff were very attentive and the organised trips off the boat were interesting, particularly the surprise cave on the following morning. The food was excellent although the drink prices were a little steep, but then you can't go anywhere else! I was disappointed that we didn't get a chance to go paddling on a kayak and the swim didn't quite go to plan when I managed to wrestle a jellyfish. However, the crew were very helpful rubbing fresh lime on me to reduce the stinging. Next time we'll go for the 3 day trip and see more of this fantastic area. We would like to recommend if you Book a cruise, Halong Bay Tours Online and Halong Bay Cruise directly through Vietnam Eco Travel to get the best rates, big promotions and discover a different world with our luxury Halong Bay Cruises