Mua Caves ( Hang Múa - Ninh Bình) is one of the most famous attractions in Ninh Binh that tourists almost will decide to visit it when they have had a bunch of information about the historical and King Kong’s land - Ninh Binh ( Appeared in the film “King Kong”).

Only Mua Cave brings you a chance for viewing the picturesque landscape of Tam Coc  from the peak above. 
If you are not much of experiences in Mua Cave Ninh Binh, the following details show you the knowledge, transportation, tips for travelling to the cave, plan your trip in the North of Vietnam

Overview from peak of Mua Caves

Overview from Mua Caves


1. Mua caves Ninh Binh Introduction : 

Vietnamese name of Mua caves is Hang múa (Hang in English means cave),located in Khe Ha Village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam. It’s about 6km far from the city center and is a frequently stop of Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour. The attraction is very peaceful, natural since there are huge karst mountains along with impressive landscape around. 

The Shape of mua Cave Look like a bell

Mua Cave is lying at the foot of Mua mountain which shapes a bell with a width of around 800 square metre. On the left and right  of staircaseit is decorated on the stone with the dragon or phoenix carved properly very sharp and beautiful

The way leading to the cave formed by a long stone staircase zigzags through the karst, there are nearly 500 steps to a simple altar to Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy). It is assumed that the cave entrance seems to be similar as“ Great wall of China ”

Peak of Dragon Mountain

Legend of Mua Caves Ninh Binh : According to Vietnamese legend when the king Tran arrived at Hoa Lu to establish Thai Vi temple, the King was like visiting this cave for enjoying dancing performance by ladies ( who serve imperial ). In Vietnamese “mua” means dancing so that the cave was named “Hang Mua

Tourists setting their foot on this place normally try to conquer the peak of mountain to look down a stunning beauty of Ninh Binh especially Tam Coc where having floating boats

Massive limestone mountains and the winding river at Tam Coc



  2.1 Mua Cave tour Ninh Binh- How to get there : 

Mua Cave is far from Hanoi about 100km in 3 hours transferring by bus and 6km away from Ninh Binh city centre. Firstly you need to get to Ninh Binh by bus or you can take a  train from Hanoi city. The best way is choosing a tourist bus, being in contact with some travel agents in the Old quarter of Hanoi to find your own ticket. 

Next step,  upon your arrival in Ninh Binh you need to take a taxi to Mua Cave in case you arrange your trip by yourself. The other way is joining in a Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour with a Hanoi Travel Agency will set up your trip with good guide and good itinerary.
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   2.2 Ticket price and suitable time in Mua Cave Tour

Ticket price: 100.000 VND/person ( US $5 )
To save your trip you should start conquering Mua cave before 4 pm in winter because it gets dark soon. In summer the best time is in the morning or afternoon when the sunshine is weak.

Attention, Remember bringing your bottle of water, hat. Wearing simple and comfortable clothes that is suited to climb. Follow the rule- no littering

  2.3 : Best time to Visit Mua Caves :

A special time to visit Mua cave is in May or June when rice paddies become yellow, it is viewed from viewpoint on Mua Caves 

  2.4 Mua Cave Tour, nearby attractions and activities : 

- Exploring Ninh Binh’s amazing countryside by bicycle
- Climbing to conquer the Mua mountain
- Visiting Thung Nham bird garden 
- Visiting Temple, Pagoda 
- Local food, bungalow, Mua Cave Ecolodge 
- Attractions in Ninh Binh : Bich Dong - Tam Coc ( away 2 km), Thung Nang, Trang An ( away 4km) , Bai Dinh temple (away 6km), Van Long, Phat Diem

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Climbing to conquer the Mua Caves

Cycling to rice field at Mua Cave area


3 .  Mua Caves Ecolodge

Mua Caves has been noworganizedas Mua cave ecology, so when you explore Mua cave you can find some interesting activities are boatingamong small mountains, discoveringlocal people’s real life, enjoying a peaceful fresh airaway from noisy cities, climbing…

Unlike other tourist attractions, Mua cave ecolodge has it’s unique beauty which doesn’t exist in many places.  Here, Mua Caves Ecolodge serves with full services for tourists such as: Accommodations, restaurants, climbing areas, sightseeings.. All good things promise to bring truly experiences for anyone.

Amazing Tam Coc