It was fantastic! There are lots of good review about other cruises but we chose Paloma Halong Bay Cruise mainly because its beautiful red wood interior, the space and the cycling activity which makes it different from others.The whole set was perfect: the boat, activities, safety, punctuality, excellent staffs (Chi, Sunny, Quan from Sunset boat, Trang/waitress, Dong Li/waiter, and more). It has safebox inside the room. We booked Jasmine Cruise via Best Price Vietnam tour - had no problem but please be proactive by: 1)checking with the BPV is the van arranged to pick you up is from Jasmine Cruise/Heritage Line or from different cruise 2)if you will be picked up by van from different cruise, ask BPV to inform the driver that you will be taking to Heritage Line office in Ha Long. Our case: picked up by Pelican cruise van, dropped at Pelican office in Ha Long then after some explanations we were finally dropped at Jasmine/Heritage office which is not far by car. So, a little bit confusion at the beginning but all was good at the end. We Would like to recommend book this cruise or Halong Bay Tour, Halong Bay Cruise directly through Vietnam Eco Travel to get best price and big promotion