Sitting behind a nice driver, travel around Hanoi Old Quarter to try Hanoi cuisine, etc is an interesting  part of  our motorbike tours which is enjoyed by many tourists all around the world.

If tourists get bored with seeing the beauty of  Hanoi via the window of cars through your Hanoi tour with tight duration, exploring Hanoi by Motorbike is a must – try experience for travelers who would like to enjoy Hanoi as a local.
Tourists will sit behind a friendly, nice driver on a good motorbike to explore every corner of  Hanoi city. The driver is not only tour guide but also your travel mate who will guide you visit beautiful sceneries and local places.

There are a lot of itineraries for tourist to choose such as historical sites and scenery tours; Scenery and food tours, with this tour, tourist will be guided to a very famous coffee shop which is well known for egg coffee to drink a hot tasty egg coffee, then driving around Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan market,etc which are busy attractions of Hanoi to know more about Hanoi lifestyle. In those places, tourist can stop for a while, buy any local food on the street.
Next, tourist is guided to West Lake, stop in Ngu Xa street to try street food such as fresh spring rolls, stirred fried noodles with stuff, etc and also try local cold beer. And if you would like to travel around Hanoi at night, food tour is a best choice. You not only try delicious Hanoi cuisine but also visit Long Bien Bridge, enjoy a local food in a restaurant near red river.

For a Hanoi Motorbike Tours, the duration is from 4 hours to 4 hours 30 minutes and it only B
est price of Hanoi Motorbike Tour for you 23$/person with a small group. Besides, you also can make a tour by your own itinerary with a shopping tour. Through this tour, the tour guide  will help you bargain, shopping, or choosing best local restaurants with reasonable prices. This tour takes you 2 hours.

Friendly driver
The most interesting in this tour is the tour guide as well as the driver. To be a tour guide, they have to be tested carefully: Having motorbike license and experience of driving motorbike in the city,  speak English well, friendly and out going with tourists. Before starting to guide tourist, they will be trained about communication skills, solving problems through the tour, etc. 

Before starting the tour, tourists will be reminded how to sit behind the tour guide, how to balance with your hands and be safe when driving. 
Don’t be hesitate to try this tour. You will have a chance to explore Hanoi in an very interesting way with locals. Having unique experiences with our Hanoi Motorbike Tours ! To B
ook Hanoi Motorbike Tours