Vietnam is a paradise of cuisine as well as street food in the world. More and more tourists visit Vietnam to not only explore the incredible landscapes but also enjoy unique and delicious Vietnamese street food such as “pho”, “bun cha”, “banh cuon”, etc. However there are many Vietnamese street food make foreign tourists feel scary or creepy for the first time they see it or some tourists are even “scared to death”.
Vietnam Eco Travel will introduce you top weirdest and creepiest food in Vietnam in foreign tourists’s eyes. 

1. Thit cho (Dog meat), thit meo (cat meat) 

           Dog meat and cat meat are the scariest meats in foreigner’s eyes. With Vietnamese people, especially Vietnamese men, dog meat and cat meat are must- have dishes to drink with beer or rice wine.
However foreigners think that dog meat and cat meat are really creepy   because dog and cat are considered as members in their family. Therefore eating dog or cat are unacceptable. 


2. Thit chuot (Rat meat)

    Many people feel scared of rat. Rat always live in dirty places and they can spread a lot of diseases so they’re the reason why foreigners are afraid of them. However in Vietnam rat meat is a special and expensive food. Rats live in rice fields or mountains have better taste so Vietnamese are mainly eat rat meat which live in those places. There are a lot of dishes which made from rat meat such as: steamed rat meat with lime leaves; stirred fried rat meat with garlic and onions; Roasted rat with salt, etc.


3, Tiet canh (Fresh blood pudding)

    Fresh blood pudding from duck, pig, goose, goat, etc is a daily food of Vietnamese people. But with foreigners, this dish is the creepiest food that they just see in horror films. They will mix peanut, herbs, pork and lime with fresh blood. After the blood curdling, you can eat it. However this fresh dish has lots of dangerous viruses, Vietnamese people now don’t eat it often.


4.  Nội Tạng ( Animal innards )

    In many countries in the world, they don’t eat animal innards. They use animal innards to make food for another animals and they just eat meat. Therefore when foreigners visit Vietnam, almost of them are surprised by many dishes which are made from animal innards. Vietnamese people use: heart, brain, feet, tale, neck, head, gastric, etc to make different dishes. So we don’t waist anything of an animal.
Nowadays many tourists feel interested in exploring this food when they have a vacation in Vietnam.


5. Trung vit lon (duck fetus)

    Duck fetus is listed one of the creepiest food in Vietnam as well as in the world. It is not only a favorite food of Vietnamese people but also a special food of Vietnamese cuisine. However with foreigners, they feel guilty when they eat a baby duck which will be given birth soon.  Duck fetus is boiled and served with ginger, Vietnamese cilantro. Duck fetus is also popular in Cambodia, Philippines, etc.


6. Insects

     Cicadas, stinkbugs, silkworm pupa, larva of bees, belostomatids, grasshoppers, crickets, etc are favorite food of Vietnamese people especially Vietnamese man because they are awesome food to combine with beer or rice wine. Insects are rich of protein and healthy but with some western countries, especially France, insects are a challenge for food lover.