If you are travelling in Vietname finding something interesting then this festival may interest you
In Ninh Bình, a tourism week is happening within 7 days from 9th to 16th of June 2018. We call it “ Tam Coc- Trang An yellow color” because this special time Tam Coc area is decorated with ripening rice fields
On the event, there have been many attracting activities such as Tam Coc Food Market, art photo exhibitions, folk songs, embroidery village...

Amazing Tam Coc


HIGHLIGHST OF THE EVENT “Tam Coc- Trang An yellow color” 

- Opening ceremony of tourism week - “ TamCoc- Trang An yellow color”
- Expected time : 7:30 am on 9th June 2018
- Meeting point : Tam Coc boat ride area
- Tam Coc walking street and Food market 
Time : 7:30 am - 11:00 pm in all days during the event 
- Place : The road between Hidden Charm and Tam Coc boat ride 
- Activities : Display of traditional handicrafts ( NinhHai embroidery, stone craft,..) and delicious specialty cuisine.
+ Art photo exhibition with the theme “ Ripening rice fields in Tam Coc- Trang An”
- Time: 9th June – 16th June 2018
- Place : Tam Coc hotel
- Activities : Exhibiting photos reflecting the beauty of NinhBinh Province with its natural scenery, traditional festivals, customs and traditions especially Tam Coc - Trang An in yellow 
+ Folk art performances :Catru singing, cheo singing, xam singing , puppet show
- Time : 9th June – 16th June 2018
- Place : In Tam Coc - Bich Dong Area, the tourist route of DinhCac , on the rice paddies along Ngo Dong River 
+ Exhibition of traditional handicraft products in Ninh Binh.
- Time : 9th June – 16th June 2018
- Place : Van Lam emboidery craft village/ products display area in Van Lam village
+Closing day of tourism week 
- Expected time : 8:00 am on 16th June 2018
- Place : Tam Coc hotel 
Tam Coc Festival

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