You can enjoy familiar dishes of Hanoi cuisine such as eel noodles, chicken noodles soup, steamed rice pancake, etc in old and well – known local restaurants in Hanoi. Let's explore Hanoi Street Food Tours with us


1. Mien Luon Dong Thinh (Grass Noodles Soup with Eels)

Eel noodles in Dong Thinh restaurant, located near Hang Da street was famous and familiar address with Hanoi people, especially Hanoians who live in Hanoi Old quarter.
In this small restaurant, there are a lot of choices for you such as fried eels with grass noodles, eels soup, eels salad, grilled eel, etc. The price for each dish is reasonable, from 30.000 VND to 50.000 VND, you will be served a delicious, warm and tasty dish. It always be appreciated by food lovers!.

miến lươn đông thịnh

2. Bun bo Hue (beef noodle soup with Hue style)

Eating “Bun bo Hue” in O Xuan restaurant, located in Quang Trung street is a best choice for everyone who are a big fan of “Bun bo Hue”. O Xuan is not really a restaurant because customers have to seat in small plastic chairs in the sidewalk but it always be full. “Bun bo Hue” here still keep a original style, the broth is flavored and sweet because it is cooked hours from cow’s bone and pig with some spices. 

3. Pho (Beef noodles soup)
   Pho is a familiar food of Hanoians as well as tourists. It is not only a dish but also a pride of Hanoi cuisine in the eyes of domestic and foreign tourists. Pho was invented in the early 20th century. Pho is appeared anywhere from street vendors to restaurants. The best place in Hanoi Old Quarter is in “Pho Bat Dan”, Bat Dan street which is a favorite restaurant of Hanoians. 
“Pho” consists of flat rice noodles, meat-based broth. The dish is accompanied by basil, lime, chili and other extras on the side so you can season the soup to your own taste. The balanced tastes of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus are highly contagious. The broth is made by simmering beef bones, oxtails, flank steak, charred onion, charred ginger and spices and it takes several hours to make. Be careful when you eat “pho” because you may get addicted with it and always want to come back here again. This is a most popular in Hanoi Street Food Tour  for Vietnameses people and travelers

4. Banh cuon Thanh Tri (Thanh Tri steamed rice pancake rolls)
Banh cuon Ba Hoanh”, located in To Hien Thanh street is a well – known restaurant with Hanoi people. The dipping sauce here makes this restaurant, it’s stunning as well as the Vietnamese ham to eat with this dish is tasty also. The price is reasonable, 30000VND for one dish so although there are many places serve this food, “Banh cuon Ba Hoanh” still attracts more and more eaters to enjoy one of best Vietnamese food!


5. “Bun oc” (Rice noodles soup with snails)
Bun oc Ba Sau” in Mai Hac De street is a old, simple and famous restaurant. In here, they just serve “Bun oc”. This dish is combined many spices and ingredients which have to selected and prepared carefully, and this will dictate the success of the cooking.
The snails must be fat enough, medium sides and yellow and cleaned carefully.  Bun oc includes snails, fried tofu, tomato, rice noodles, delicious broth, bean sprouts and herbs. “Bun oc Ba Sau” still keep the original flavor and it’s one of the must – try food with Vietnamese people.


6. “Bun Ga” (Rice noodles with chicken”
Bun Ga Bao Khanh” in Bao Khanh street is a familiar restaurant for breakfast with Hanoi people. The staff here is friendly. The restaurant is clean, big. “ Bun ga” here is perfect taste with delicious broth. Chicken meats are fresh and good. They are the reason why this restaurant always be crowded, more and more famous to Hanoi people.


7. “Bun bo Nam Bo”
Trying “Bun bo Nam Bo” in Tran Quoc Toan street is a perfect choice for foodie. In here, it has a well – known restaurant for more than 20 years and it is a best choice for someone who is crazy about “Bun bo Nam Bo”
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