Vietnamese people are very proud because  “Pho bo ” is listed on top 1 in top 40 best street food in the world which you should try before you die. Let’s find out the reason with Vietnam Eco Travel !
Business Insider listed top 40 bes foods in the world which you should try before you die and it’s amazing that “ pho bo ” is on top 1.

   It’s not random when “ pho bo ” is voted to be the best food in the world by a foreign prestige website. Behind a delicious “pho bo”, it’s the best combination of spices to make perfect flavor and secret recipe.
“Pho bo” is a traditional dish in Vietnamese cuisine. “Pho” appears everywhere, from small villages to every corner of streets, from street vendors, small restaurants to luxury restaurants. “Pho bo” can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You never get bored with its delicious flavor.

   It’s said that “ Pho ” first appeared in Nam Dinh province but Ha Noi capital made it become more popular. Nowadays “Pho” is not only a favorite food of Vietnamese people but also foreigners are addicted with it.  Everyone love “pho” by the perfect combination of special broth, soft beef and flat rice noodles. The smell of “Pho” is so attractive that you will never forget.

   From summer to winter, people also can eat “pho”. Enjoy “Pho” in each season or each meal has its own interesting that only “Pho” lover can understand. A famous Vietnamese writer, Thach Lam said that “Pho” is a special gift of Hanoi, Hanoi is not only place which have “Pho” but Hanoi is the best place to try “Pho”. A best “Pho” should be a original one which is cooked from beef and cow bone, the broth must be clear and tasty; flat rice noodles are not too soft and doughy; fatty beef should be crispy, no tough; enough spices such as onion, herb, lime, chili, etc.


   In 1940s, “ Pho ” was popular in Hanoi: “It is a special food that everyone can eat, from farmer, worker to intellectual or business in every meals. Although “Pho” is easy to cook but not much people can make a good one. The most important to make a best “Pho” is the broth. The broth is stewed from cow bone. Beef must be soft, no tough and fresh. Rice noodles must be thin, neither tough nor soft. Eating “Pho” with green onion, pepper, vinegar, chili, lime and herbs.  Each restaurant has its own secret recipe to make delicious “Pho”. However the main spices to make “Pho” is black cardamom, ginger, star anise, clove, cinnamon, dried onion, dried shrimp, archives and cow tales.

Visiting Hanoi, you shouldn’t miss to try “Pho bo” which is the best Hanoi street food. You bet that you absolutely fall in love with it!