Specialty foods what you should to try in Ninh Binh

    Ninh Binh not only famous for its beautiful with many tourist attractions but also for special and delicious food. The famous food here smell and taste with the flavor of limestone mountains where locals feed animals. If you have a chance to visit Ninh Binh, don’t miss to try somespecial foods which are cooked by locals with good cooking skills. We would like to introduce for you 4 best traditional foods in Ninh Binh.

   1, Ninh Binh goat meat

   Goats here are raised on limestone mountains freely run and climb in this mountainous area, grazing wild grass on hills so that goat meat is shrunk, little fat, delicious and in herbal flavor. Ninh Binh’s goat meat taste better than other regions because two reasons: many lime stone mountains which are suitable for raising goats; in order to have a good rare goat meat dish, local people have to perform many steps from the processing procedure to the mixture procedure.  If you have chance to visit this area, take a menu and you will see long list of strange and unique dishes, each of which has its own unforgettable flavor. This kind of goat meat is prepared in many attractive ways such as: rare goat meat mixed with lemon, stir-fried goat meat, lemon grass and coconut goat, steam goat meat, grilled goat brisket, goat hotpot, goat gruel and roasted goat..
 Among the dishes made from goat meat, the rare-goat meat can be considered the most delicious one.

Rare goat meat, usually eat with a special sauce (tuong ban) 

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   2, Rice crust ( com chay ).

   The second famous food in Ninh Binh is rice crust. It is a natural and simple dish but very yummy and attractive. To make this food, it requires a good cooking skills. To make good dish, we also need  experience in choosing ingredients, especially rice. Rice to make this dish is glutinous rice named “ Huong” which has pure and round grains helping the dish get extra flavor. Com Chay should be supported heat by charcoal and during cooking , we keep suitable heat to create burned rice  with equal thickness around the bottom of the deep pot . It is one of the most difficult step in cooking. After that, burned rice is put out to dry in the sun several times  and preserved in fresh places to avoid mouldy state and keep its flavor. After drying, slices of steamed rice are fried in hot oil pan until they turn yellow and crisp. Together with main ingredient, steamed rice, are beef, pig’s heart or kidney, some vegetables like mushroom, tomato, carrot  and spices such as fish sauce (nuoc mam), pepper, red chili, onion, salt. Beef and pig’s heart or kidney are thinly sliced, marinated with such spices and mixed with vegetables . Then the mixture is  fried until fragrant and put into Com Chay bowl.

   Rice crust attracts tourists by its unique tastes

   3, Ninh Binh Mountain Snail.

   This kind of snail lives on the limestone mountain, which is located in Tam Diep town, Yen Mo, Nho Quan. This snail just appears from April to August, which very tough and crunchy because it eats the natural plants on the limestone mountain. There are many dishes from this snail but the boiled snail is still the most favorite dish. The boiled snail usually  be eaten with fish sauce. ​Ninh Binh mountain snail is famous for its unique flavor. You will have unforgettable tastes


   4, Raw Nhech fish salad

   Nhech fish salad (or cá nhệch) is a special dish in Ninh Binh but you have to try this salad in Kim Son where considered as best place to enjoy it. Nhech fish has curved shapes of eels but larger and longer. Nhech has much meat, less bone, lots of protein. In order to make a delicious salad and attractive curved a meticulous process and sifted are emplemented by the chef. Nhech fish be rubbing with salt, or we can use ash, bamboo leaves, leaf or leaf imitation, slime wash off later bled before surgery and for a few stages to spicy fish meat more tasty. The first bite of Nhech salad will bring you the attractive aroma of roasted sticky rice, light sour of vinegar interjected to the spicy of ginger, garlic, pepper, chili and lemon grass. You will never forget this taste.


5, Ruou Can Nho Quan (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes)

Ruou Can Nho Quan (Nho Quan wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) is one of the special cuisines in Ninh Binh. You can come there to try or also buy for your friends, family and gather together to enjoy it, you will have unforgettable moments. Ruou Can is inside a jar, the size of the jar will depend on your hobby. To get a good bottle of wine, it must undergo several stages: from selecting ingredient to the processing and especially to calculate the appropriate time so that just in time. The main ingredient depends on the region, it may be corn, rice or cassava, but the best is sticky rice. To make Ruou Can Nho Quan is made from sticky rice. The Sticky rice must be chosen new rice, the alcohol will be delicious. Alcohol yeast are made from the peel of trees mixed with chili powder, ginger powder, rice powder and water, this combination is cut into smaller pieces and dried in 10-15 days, then crushed and mixed with the dried mixture of cooked rice and rice hulls, which is kept in the vase in 1-2 days, then dried banana tree’s leaves are covered on the surface of the mixture in 1 month before the wine is ready to drink.  The longer the wine is kept, the better taste it has; each material has its own taste. Drink Ruou Can with Com Chay Ninh Binh (Ninh Binh Rice Crust), it will be the best combination.
Ruou can Nho Quan

6, Nem chua Yen Mac ( Yen Mac Fermented Pork Roll)

Nem Chua Yen Mac is one of foods or gifts which you should try and bring to your home. Nem Chua  has a light pink color and a sour, sweet, salty and spicy smell and taste. Nem chua Yen Mac used to be a favorite food of Vietnamese King. It made from rustic ingredients, namely ground pork thigh, minced pork skin, chili, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, salt, those are mixed, pressed and then naturally fermented by tender fig or guava leaves, Nem Chua has a very characteristic sour, acquired sweet, garlicky and salty taste with a nice crunch of pork rinds. While the fig leaf cover can be eaten with Nem Chua, creating a special acrid taste, the banana leaf cover makes its flavor more subtle and attractive. 

Yen Mac Fermented Pork Roll

7, Chieu Coi Kim Son Village ( Kim Son sedge mat weaving village)

Chieu coi Kim Son are made by local craftsmen in Kim Son, Ninh Binh. In Kim Son, . Kim Son weaving sedge mats is hard work because everything is done manually and requires great attention to detail, from choosing and drying the sedge to the weaving itself. Under the skillful hands of people sedge weaving mats, they have created beautiful sedge mat products which are various in designs, neat, light-weight and easy to fold . besides Kim Son sedge mat weaving, there is many sedge products such as vases, sewing boxes,animal figures, baskets, boxes, bags,etc. Buy them as a lovely gift for you families and friends. They’re beautiful and unique.

Kim Son sedge mat weaving village


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